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Spiritual Trail Guide

Service Offerings

Akashic Records Healing & Coaching

  • The most effective approach is to work with a client for 12 weekly sessions.  This allows for ongoing progress and enhanced ability for the client to integrate changes and learnings.


  • After a client has completed a course of 12 sessions, I am available to them for single sessions if they wish to explore a current issue or experience.  I do not offer single sessions except on this basis, as it is not effective to do one session without the ongoing process of achieving freedom and mastery.


  • If a client is unable to enroll in 12 sessions but we’re a good match for each other, they may enroll in a 3-session series as a starting place.

Spiritual Trail Guide Webinars and Training

  • If you have a group of friends or colleagues who would like to pursue a growth/development experience, we can develop a series of webinars to facilitate this.  To inquire about customized training, please complete a contact form at this page: and we’ll set a time to discuss.






Speaking and Interviews

  • I’m experienced as a speaker and at giving interviews in most formats: in-person, video, podcast and live radio.  If you have an event or venue where I could add value to your audience, please get in touch using the Contact form and let’s talk about it.

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