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Susan Blais is a lifelong explorer of spiritual and psychological truth. She is deeply committed to helping individuals free themselves from limiting beliefs and behaviors, the roots of which are often hidden from view. By having the courage to go to emotional depths, people can unleash their highest gifts for the benefit of themselves and others.


Susan Blais

Integrating Awareness into Your Life

Susan has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy, which teaches how we form beliefs and behaviors in childhood that we express throughout our lives. She is also a certified coach, helping clients access their deep emotions and make changes so they can be happier and more effective in their chosen fields. She worked with leaders at every level, helping them gain clarity so they could lead their teams to high levels of performance and personal satisfaction.

Her current work in the Akashic Records is the deepest so far. In this work, she helps people delve into hidden emotions and beliefs so they can take responsibility for creating their reality.  As they release feelings and patterns of the past, they find new levels of freedom to live at a much higher level.  It is astounding how rapidly people make major transformations as they commit to this radical form of honesty.

She calls herself the Spiritual Trail Guide, to reflect her interest in guiding people so they are empowered to become self-reliant and confident in their own abilities.  The client determines the destination, and she guides them on the path to true freedom and self-determination.

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